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The Three Key Bases

Any successful school leaver campaign needs to cover all three key bases - we are the only organisation that enables you to tick off everything required for a successful school leaver campaign in one place. 


Over 500,000 young people use our tools each year, providing an unrivalled platform to reach school leavers.


With over three quarters of all young people relying on their parents when making a choice, it's imperative you reach out to them.


Successful school engagement can make the difference between a permanent, ongoing source of recruits or a continuing battle to hit your numbers each year.  

Why us?

With over 150 successful campaigns in the last 12 months alone, we are the leading organisation for all things school leaver attraction. 

AllAboutSchoolLeavers helps over 500,000 young people each year

We work directly with over 3,000 schools across the UK

We have the largest parents database of any organisation, over 7,000 members

We run a two day School Leaver Conference each year to help you better understand the market

We host the largest and longest running School Leaver Awards event in the UK

We conduct the largest and most comprehensive annual research report into the school leaver market

"The best part of working with AllAboutGroup is they take the time to understand my business and help to raise our brand's awareness in our market to ensure the right people see my content"

Mark Smith

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