At AllAboutGroup, we believe that knowledge should be shared. We run a series of insight events each year to help student recruitment teams. The insight events cover a range of topics from reaching influencers to tracking budgets.

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Upcoming Insight Events

Engaging with Schools

With more and more organisations setting up school leaver programmes and apprenticeships there is increased competition for securing high-level school leaver talent. Following in the footsteps of graduate recruitment, many organisations believe that engaging directly with schools is the key to ensuring a healthy talent pipeline. However, with over 5,000 secondary schools in the UK, this process has to be a lot more selective and efficient. Over the last 2 years the question ‘How do we better engage with schools?’ is probably the most frequently asked. There are many ways of engaging with schools and we would like to discuss these and the merits of each method.

When: Wednesday 27th February, 8:30am to 11am.

Where: Eight Club, Bank, London

Benchmarking - understanding where you are positioned within your market

How to reach influencers of young people?

Time and cost savings in the selection process

Practical implementations of market insight - how to implement great ideas

Where’s my budget gone? Tracking every penny and holding others accountable